Hello, This is GranAge Team.

Introducing the core of GranAge, ChainArts.

In order to defeat the many enemies and bosses in the dungeon, your character need to become a stronger.

The better you use the chain art, the better you achieve victory.

Chain Arts is a special attack triggered by the combination of Chain Arts cards and key command.

GranAge masters usually create infinite combo attacks with a combination of basic attack, skill, and chainarts.

Chain arts are divided into forward attack type and air attack type.

The forward attack targets enemies in front, and the air attack targets enemies in the air.

■  Activation of Chainarts

1. Activation of forward attack Chainarts

(1) Automatically activated after a basic attack. ( → + X Button)

The forward attack Chainarts is activated after 3 normal hits.

It would be convenient when you fight with a leisurely focus mainly on basic attacks, right?

(방법2) immediate activation ( ↓→ + X Button or  B Button)

The chainart is activated immediately when the immediate activation command is entered.

2. Activation of air attack Chainarts

The air attack Chainarts is activated by entering command('↑ + X  Button').

■  Acquisition of Chainarts

The Chainarts can be obtained as rewards for achievements according to play, or purchased by using game money(Gran).

■  Chainarts management

If you press the shortcut key (L), the chain arts management window is exposed.

Here you can place the desired chain arts card,

and build a stronger chain arts card by using 'Level up' or combining the chain arts card.

- Chainarts Level Up: Consumes other Chainarts cards and grands to raise the level of the selected Chainarts card.

- Chainarts Combination: By combining 3 cards of the same level that reached the maximum level, you can get 1 higher level card.

Although each card looks similar and has the same rank, detailed stats may be different.

Compare the card's stats in detail to create the most powerful and coolest Chainarts combination.

Thank you. :)