Hello, this is Granage Team.

This time, we will introduce the 'skill' system that are indispensable to the Granage battle.

Granage's character classi s divided into knight, magician, assassin, and archer.

And each class has its own combat characteristics and skill sets.

The more you understand and combine and use the combat characteristics and skills of each character class, the more powerful and wonderful battles you can enjoy.

[Learning skills]

Each time the character level increases, new skills to learn are opened.

Whenever a new skill is opened, you can check new skill in the skill window and learn it.

1. You can open the skill window by pressing the shortcut key (K).

2. After checking the newly available skills on the left, click the'Learning' button at the bottom to use the skills from now on.

[Skill level up]

Each skill has a level, and by raising the level of the skill you want, you can have more powerful combat ability.

A certain amount of 'soul' is required to level up the skill.

'Soul Stone' can be obtained through dungeon play, and'Soul' is obtained by opening Soul Stone from the inventory.

If you feel like your combat power has weakened, check the skill window and inventory.

Perhaps there are skills you haven't learned, or soul stones you haven't used are piled up.

Thank you. :)