GranAge Terms of Use

Last Modified: November 12, 2020

Article 1. Purpose
The purpose of this Terms of Use is to define the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters of Way2Bit Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the Company) and its Members regarding the use of GranAge and GranAge related services (hereinafter referred to as the Service) provided by the Company.

Article 2. Specification, Effect and Modification of Terms of Use
The contents of this Terms of Use shall be effective after being posted on the service webpage (, hereinafter referred to as “Service Webpage”) or on the initial screen of the game service, providing a connection screen and shall enter into force between the Company and Members that have consented hereto.
If necessary, the Company may change this Terms of Use within the scope not contravening the relevant laws and regulations.
In the event that the Company revises this Terms of Use, the amended contents shall be announced or notified by the Company at least seven (7) days prior to the effective date; or for thirty (30) days prior to the effective date if the foregoing modification is unavoidably operates to Members’ disadvantage.
Unless Members explicitly refuse to accept the aforementioned modification until the day before the effective date, the Company shall presume your consent thereto.
If the Member does not agree with the amended Terms of Use the Member may express his/her intention to refuse up until the day before the effective date and terminate the Terms of Use.

Article 3. Additional Terms
Any matters that are not prescribed in this Terms of Use shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations or provisions of various operational policies publicly notified to Members by the Company, including, but not limited to, STEAM Terms and Conditions of Service, and Operation Policies on Service set forth by the Company. If the contents of the STEAM Terms and Conditions of Service are in conflict with the contents of the STEAM Terms and Conditions of Service, the STEAM Terms and Conditions of Service shall be applied first.
For the protection of the rights and interests of Members and setting the necessary regulations for applying this clause, the Company may set delegated matters which are set as the specific scope of the Terms of Use as the operating policy, and post them on the connection screen or on the Service webpages so that Members can know the contents of the operating policies.
Where the operating policy is amended, it shall be followed by the procedure under Article 2 (3). However, if the amendment of the operating policy is corresponded to any of the following cases, it shall be publicly notified in advance by the method of the previous Paragraph:
1.Where the delegated matters which are set as the specific scope of the Terms of Use is amended
2.Where the Company or Partners amend matters not related to the obligation of Member’s rights
3.Where the contents of the operating policy are not fundamentally different from those prescribed in the Terms of Use, and the operational policy is revised within the Member’s predictable scope 

Article 4. Definition of Terms
The Terms herein shall be defined as follows:
“STEAM” refers to a global digital platform for online game distribution run by Valve Corporation.
“Service” refers to any service provided by the Company through STEAM.
“Member” refers to a person who maintains the membership of the STEAM and enters into a contract in accordance with this agreement and uses the service provided by the Company. If the Member leaves the STEAM or the account in STEAM is deleted, the Member will be withdrawn automatically. Withdrawal means deleting the game client and applying for withdrawal to the customer center to terminate the service use contract.
“Account (ID)” refers to a STEAM account with a combination of letters and numbers set by the Member and approved by Valve Corporation for identification of the Member and for use of the Services.
“Password” refers to a combination of letters, numbers and special characters set by the Member to confirm that the person who uses the Account is indeed the Member who agreed STEAM Terms and Conditions of Service, and to protect the personal information of the Member.
“Nickname” refers to a unique name (a combination of letters and numbers) of a Member set by a Member using ATEAM account to use the Service and collected by Valve Corporation through STEAM
“Game Cash” refers to virtual data used to use, or purchase game services provided by the Company, and a Member’s payment and purchase is called paid cash, and Free Cash is obtained without payment through in-game event rewards, free payment, content, in-game item transaction, coupon, etc. (e.g. Coin in GranAge, etc.)
“Charge” refers to a Member pays the Company and purchase Game Cash 
“Content” refers to information or material in online digital formats such as symbols, letters, figures, colors, voices, sounds, images, videos, etc., provided by the Company to Members. 

Article 5. Conclusion of Service Agreement
A person who wants to become a Member shall agree to the Terms of Use provided by the Company.
An applicant shall enter actual information if needed for use of the Service, and if a person falsely states the information  or steals the name of another person, the person may not claim the rights of the Member under this Terms of Use, and the Company may cancel or terminate the contract without refund. And the Company may not accept the application of the applicant for the following reasons. Even after sign-up, the Company may cancel the acceptance or terminate the agreement for the following reasons:
1.If the Company has taken sanctions against the applicant’s Account according to this Terms of Use
2.If the applicant has provided false or misleading information or has not provided the content requested by the Company
3.If the applicant has attempted to steal personal information of others such as an other’s email address
4.If the applicant is under 16 years old (14 years old for those who are in Korea) at the time of applying for membership, or a juvenile (including students under the age of 18 and attending high schools under Article 2 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in Korea) who has not or who is impossible to have obtained consent from legal representative at the time of applying for membership
5.If the applicant intends to use the Service in an abnormal or detour way in a country where the Company has not provided the Service
6.If the applicant intends to use the Service for fraudulent purposes or for commercial purposes not permitted by the Company
7.If the applicant is in violation of other related laws or regulations set by the Company
The Company may reserve the Account creation in the following cases:
1.In case that there is either no availability in the Company’s facilities or technical hurdles
2.In case that it is judged that there is a technical issue detected in providing the Services 
3.Other financial or technical cases where the Company deems it necessary to hold

Article 6. Modification of Member Information
If a Member provides his/her information directly to the Company without going through STEAM to use of the Services, a Member may view and modify his/her personal information through the Service at any time. However, modification of some information required for Service management may be limited.
Members must notify the Company of any changes made to the information entered at the time of signing up directly via the modification in Services or via the customer center.
The Company shall not be liable for the disadvantages caused by a Member not informing the Company of the changes as outlined in Paragraph 2.

Article 7. Managing Member Information
The Company may limit the use of a Nickname if the Nickname has an associated risk of personal information leakage, if it has the possibility of being mistaken as the Nickname of another person who is not the Member, if it is anti-social or commits a moral violation, if it violates the rights of a third-party, or it if has the possibility of being mistaken as the Company or the Company operator. In addition, the Company may also otherwise restrict the use of the Nickname if the Company deems it necessary by reasonable judgement.
Members are fully responsible for the management of their Account and Password. The Members are responsible for all the consequences resulting from negligent management of the Account and Password they receive, fraudulent use, and acceptance of the use of the account by a third-party, and the Company shall not be liable for it. However, this shall not apply in cases where the consequences are the result of the intention or gross negligence of the Company.
Members are responsible for keeping all information required for accessing the account secure, including Password, to prevent unauthorized third parties from unauthorized access to their account. Members must change their Passwords regularly.
The Members shall notify the Company immediately if they lose access information to their account or recognize that it has been stolen or disclosed to a third-party. The Company may immediately take measures to suspend the use of the account.
The Company is not responsible for the disadvantages caused by the Member of Paragraph 4 who is not notifying the Company or who did not follow the Company’s guidance even if the Member notified the Company of the fact.

Article 8. Privacy Protection
The Company strives to protect the personal information of its Members as stipulated by related laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., and the Personal Information Protection Act. The protection and use of personal information is subject to the related laws and the Company’s Privacy Policy.
Except for the individual Services provided as part of the Services, the Company’s Privacy Policy does not apply to services provided by third parties that are simply linked to the Services.
The Member must manage his/her personal information in good faith for the use of the Service and make any necessary personal information changes. Members are responsible for damages caused by delays or omissions of personal information changes. The Company shall not be liable for any information, including the Members’ membership information, exposed due to the fault of the Members.

Article 9. Company Obligations
The Company shall not engage in acts prohibited by the related laws and this agreement, or that are socially unacceptable, and shall do its best to provide the Service continuously and stably. 
The Company shall have a security system to protect the Member’s personal information (including credit information) so that the Member can use the Service safely and shall disclose and comply with its Privacy Policy. The Company shall not disclose or provide any personal information of any Members to any third-party excepts as provided in this Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.
The Company shall deal with any suggestions or complaints from Members regarding the use of the Service if it is found to be justified. For suggestions or complaints submitted by Members, the process and results shall be notified to the Members via board or email.
In the event of a failure of equipment or loss of data or damage during the course of Service improvement to provide continuous and stable service, the Company shall make every effort to repair or restore it without delay, unless there are unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, emergencies, defects or obstacles that cannot be resolved by current technologies.

Article 10. Member Obligations
Members shall not commit the following acts:
1.Stealing another person’s information
2.Impersonating an employee or a staff or other related person of the Company
3.Changing information posted by the Company
4.Transmission of or posting information (computer programs, etc.) other than information set by the Company
5.Infringing Company’s intellectual property rights or those of a third-party, including copyrights
6.Defaming or slandering or causing business obstruction of the Company or a third-party
7.Disclosing or posting obscene or violent messages, images, recordings, false facts, or other socially unacceptable information while using the service
8.Using the Service for purposes other than the original purpose of providing Servicces, such as commercial, business, advertisement, public relations, political activities, and campaigning purposes without the Company’s prior consent
9.Disposing (transfer, sale, etc.) content data such as game data (Accounts, characters, game items, etc.) for value or  donating the data or using the data as objects of rights (providing security, lending, etc.) through services not provided by a Company or abnormal methods
10.Stealing other people’s information (personal information, payment information, etc.) such as the purchase of paid contents by stealing other people’s credit cards, telephone numbers, bank accounts, etc., or the fraudulent use of other Members’ Accounts and Passwords
11.Using the Service unauthorized copying, distribution, promotion, commercial use of information obtained by using the Service of the Company, or exploiting known or unknown bugs or system errors
12.Manufacturing, distributing, using, or advertising computer programs or devices that the Company has not provided or approved
13.Using information (computer programs) prohibited from transmitting or posting under statutes or intentionally transmitting or posting or distributing or using viruses, computer codes, files, programs, etc. designed to interfere with, destroy, or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment
14.Accessing the Service via automated means such as Agent, Script, Spider, Spyware, Toolbar, or other fraudulent means without the Company’s prior consent, creating or increasing the number of exposures and clicks illegally, requesting use of the Service, or causing a load on the Company’s server
15.Changing Services without special rights from the Company, adding other programs to the Service, designing a server for hacking/reverse engineering, changing or leaking source codes or data, building a separate server, or arbitrarily changing a portion of the website
16.Collecting, storing, posting, or disseminating personal and account information from other Members
17.Transaction of Accounts
18.Using content services, such as games provided by the Company in a speculative manner or in any other unhealthy manner
19.Disturbing the sound trading order such as by unfairly affecting the market price of Digital Asset
20.Deceiving others to gain advantage, harming others in connection with the use of the company's services, infringing on the intellectual property rights or portrait rights of the company or others, or other illegal or unlawful act
21.Inducing or advertising the activities referred to in Subparagraphs 1 through 19
Violating the current laws, the Terms of Use and operational policies provided by the Company, and other regulations related to the use of Service
Members are obliged to identify and observe the provisions, operating policies, use guidance, and service announcements of this Terms of Use
Members should work together to ensure smooth Service operation and healthy online community culture
Members should inform the Company about problems such as bugs or system errors or loopholes found during Service use, and should not spread or abuse them to other Members
Members are obliged to respond faithfully to the Company’s investigation of whether they use an unauthorized program or macro program
Member’s account and management responsibilities for PCs and mobile devices are with the Member. The company is not responsible for the loss caused by the management of its Member’s account, PCs, mobile devices, and various authentication means, or the acceptance of use to others
The Company may delete or temporarily delete relevant posts, restrict the use of the Service, or unilaterally terminate this agreement if the Member conducts any of the acts outlined in Paragraph 1.
The Company may determine the specific details of Paragraph 1 through 7 and the following activities in its operating policy, and Members shall comply with such specific details:
1.Names used within the Contents, such as the Account, name of the character, name of the guild, and others
2.Details and methods of chatting
3.The use of boards and the method of using Services
4.Restrictions on the method of using Services
5.Other matters deemed necessary for the operation of the Services to the extent that the Company does not infringe on the essential rights of its Members to use the Services

Article 11. Ownership Rights
Copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Service and the Content shall belong to the Company.
The Company grants to the Members only the right to use the Services in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Company in connection with the Service, and the Member cannot conduct any disposition such as transfer, sales, rental, providing any collateral, or others except for Digital Assets.
When the Service contract is terminated, the Member shall immediately delete or return the contents referred to in Paragraph 1 such as the game client
Members allow the Company to use communication, images, sounds, and all data and information (hereinafter referred to as “user content”) including conversational texts that are shown within the Service or that Members or other users upload or transmit through the Service in relation to the Service, with the following methods and conditions
1.Use, change of editing format and other variations of the user content (available in any form, such as publication, replication, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcasting, and writing of secondary works without restrictions in terms of duration and region) 
2.No sale, rental, or transfer of user content for the purpose of trading without prior consent of the user who has produced the user content
For the user content of the Member that is not shown in the game and is not integrated with the game service (for example, posts on the general board, etc.), the Company does not use it without the explicit consent of the Member, and the Member can delete these user content at any time
If the Company determines that if the posts and contents within the game service posted or registered by the Member are prohibited by Section 10, the Company may delete them without prior notice, or refuse to move or register them
Members whose legal interests are infringed by information posted on boards operated by the Company may request the Company to delete the information or to publish the contents of the refutation. In this case, the Company takes necessary measures quickly and notifies the applicant
This Section is valid while the Company operates the game service and continues to apply after the withdrawal of membership. 

Article 12. Service Provision
The Company can publish advertisements in Services such as games regarding the operation of the Service. The Company can also send advertising information by means of email, text service (LMS/SMS), push notification, etc., only to Members who have agreed to receive. In this case, Members may refuse to receive at any time, and the Company does not send advertising information when the Member refuses to receive it. The Members may be exposed to advertisements or services provided by others through banners or links among the Services provided by the Company. Since the service provided by the area is not the Service area of the Company in this case, the Company does not guarantee reliability, stability, etc. However, this shall not apply where the Company facilitates the occurrence of damages intentionally or by gross negligence or has not taken any action to prevent damage.
The types of services provided by the Company may be changed or terminated at any time according to the circumstances of the Company.

Article 13. Modification of Service
The Company may change the Contents, and operational or technical matters of the Service in order to provide a stable Service.
The Company shall notify Members of the characteristics, procedures, and methods for each Service according to the type of service via the Service screen, and the Member shall understand the matters related to each Service announced by the Company and use the Service.
Modification of the Service shall be either notified via the registered email address of the Member or posted on the notice page of the Services no later than seven (7) days before the change. Unless otherwise stipulated by applicable laws, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the failure of the Member to inquire about the contents of the announcement or the failure of the email service unless there is intention or gross negligence by the Company.

Article 14 Maintenance and Suspension of Service
The use of the Service is available 24/7 in principle, unless there is a special obstacle inhibiting Company business or technology. However, this shall not be the case on the date and time set by the Company due to the necessity for Service check.
The Company may divide the Services into a certain range so that the available time for each range can be set separately. In this case, such details will be announced in advance.
The Company may limit or suspended all or any part of the Services without prior notice in the following cases:
1.In necessary cases due to failure, repair, replacement, inspection, etc. of equipment for Service
2.In necessary case to cope with electronic infringement accidents, such as hacking, communication accidents, abnormal use of Services by Members, and unforeseen instability of Service
3.In case a common telecommunications business operator under the Telecommunications Business Act terminates telecommunication services
4.In case the financial institution of the Company or Member’s financial institution has a failure
5.In the case of the stopping to a service provided by a third-party, such as a partner that provides a service that is not provided directly by the Company
6.Force majeure
The Company may limit or suspend all or part of the Service in case of any disruption in the normal use of the service due to national emergency, power failure, failure of the service facility, or excessive use of the service.
The Company is not responsible for any damage to its Members in connection with the use of free services provided by the Company. However, the damage caused by intentional or gross negligence of the Company is excluded.
If the paid content service provided by the Company is suspended or disabled for at least 4 hours a day due to the Company without prior notice, the Company shall extend the service time equivalent to three times the service suspension disability time free of charge only for the fixed-term paid content service (such as fixed amount use right, fixed term use right, etc.) and the Member shall not claim any additional damages against the Company.
The Company may discontinue all Services if it is no longer possible to maintain them, due to relevant business reasons such a s business transfer, division, merger, etc., expired agreement with partners, or significant profit deterioration of the service. In this case, Members shall be notified with the suspension date, reason for suspension, and how to transfer their digital assets by thirty (30) days before the suspension unless there are other unavoidable reasons.
If the Service is terminated pursuant to the preceding Paragraph, the Member may not claim damages for the free service and the paid content service that do not have a period of use, continuous paid use contracts, and fixed term paid items.
The use period of paid content services purchased by Members is either a year from the date purchase or the date of voluntary withdrawal of Members, whichever is less in principle. However, if the period of use is set separately when purchasing paid content services, the period of use of the paid content service shall be deemed either the expiration date or the date of voluntary withdrawal of the Member, whichever is less. And in the event of a service interruption under Subsection 7 of this section, the paid content services (including those whose period of use is marked as 'permanent'or 'infinite') which is not fixed, shall be until either the date of discontinuation of the service announced at the time of discontinuation of the Service or the date of voluntary withdrawal of the Member, whichever is less.
For Services that are downloaded and installed via mobile applications or networks, they are provided to suit the characteristics of mobile devices or mobile carriers. Changes to mobile devices or phone number or for overseas roaming may be unavailable in all or in part, and in this case the Company is not liable.
Background operations can be carried out for Services that are downloaded and installed through mobile applications or networks. In this case, additional charges may be incurred based on the characteristics of the mobile device or mobile carriers and in this case, the Company is not liable.
The Company may request Members to install the computer program that the Company provides if it is necessary for providing the Service. The Company shall undergo the procedures under Article 21 (1) 7 of the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc. until the Member installs the program. However, if the Member has set up a browser option to automatically install the Active X program, the Company may consider that the Member has agreed to install the Active X program and install the program without any further confirmation.
If the Company patches or updates the program to the extent that it does not significantly change the content notified in the previous Paragraph, the Company may omit important notices and consents.
The Company can use the technology to relay data between members for smooth transmission of data when installing or updating computer programs. Members agree to relay data to other Members through PC resources (such as storage, network equipment) or to receive relay transmissions by themselves.
Article 15. Contents Service
Company can provide members with content services including items. Contents provided to the service may be determined to Members in accordance with the Company's policy, which shall be posted in advance on each content service guide, payment screen, etc. and notified to Members.
The Company may change or disable item functions of existing games depending on changes in game contents, maintenance of balance, item policy, etc. In such cases, if the purchased item cannot be used for a fee within the period of use, the remaining period of the existing item is calculated and compensated with new items, game cash, points, etc. corresponding thereto.
The Company shall not guarantee the period of use of the Service for contents and contents purchased by Members free of charge, and shall not be liable for refund or compensation for damages unless there is the company's intentional or gross negligence.
In case of using the paid cash purchased by a Member, item transaction through the auction house, an item transaction between users, etc., the other party who receives the game cash will receive the game cash converted to free cash.
Article 16. Coupon Service
The Company can provide coupon services separately for a fee or free through a website or application provided by the Company. Members can enter the coupon pin number provided when using the coupon and exchange it for the corresponding item.
If a Member using the coupon service violates this Terms of Use, the Company may not approve the coupon purchase or restrict the use of coupon services and services provided by the company and cancel the approval later. And the Company shall not bear any liability incurred in the absence of the company's intentional or gross negligence.

Article 17. Collection of Information, etc.
The Company can save and store all communication between Members within the game service, such as chatting, in-game messages. In this case, the Company may only view this information if it is authorized under the statute, only if it is intended to coordinate disputes among Members, handle complaints, maintain game order, or improve game services. In order to protect the rights and interests of Members and to maintain order in the Service, the Company may establish separate service operational policies. If the Company or a third-party accesses chat information, the Company notifies the relevant Member of the reasons and scope of the access in accordance with the relevant statutes.
The Company can collect and utilize terminal setting and specification information such as Member PC, program information in operation, mobile device information of Member (settings, specification, operating system, version, etc.) for smooth and stable operation of service and improvement of service quality. Members must check and observe the service operational policy set by the Company.

Article 18. Restriction on Use 
The Company may limit the Service use and login of Members in accordance with the following criteria: 
1.In the case of consecutive password errors
2.In the event of hacking or fraud incident
3.In the case of suspected identity theft
4.In the case of impersonating a Company employee
5.In the case a government agency requests restriction of services in accordance with related laws
6.In the case of involvement or reasonable suspicion of involvement in market price adjustment, money laundering, unfair trade, or criminal activity
7.In the case that a registered Member is identified as under 16 years old
8.In the case that there is a request to unsubscribe
9.In the case of a significant circumstance that is suspected to be a fraudulent activity, such as rejecting a request for verification of error information generated during the transaction process
10.In the case of suspicion that the name of the actual Member does not match the name of the Member as entered, such as if the Member allows a third-party to use the account or rents the account
11.In the case of breach of this Terms of Use or service operational policy
12.Other cases where the administrator determines that serious disruption is being caused to normal service provision
The Company may suspend or limit the use of a Member’s wallet in case of any of the following: 
1.In the event of hacking or fraud incident or a suspected hacking or fraud incident
2.In the case of suspicion that the name of the actual Member does not match the name of the Member as entered, such as if the Member allows a third-party to use the account or rents the account
3.In the case that provision of Services to Members by the Company is discontinued due to court judgments, decision, orders and/or cooperation with investigations by investigative agencies
Within the scope of the use restriction under this Section, the conditions and details of the restrictions, such as specific reasons and procedures for which the use restriction is made, taking into account the details, extent, frequency, and results of the violation, shall be subject to the requirements of the Company such as operational policies and guidance thereof.
To improve Services and protect Member information, the Company can delete content information, such as characters from accounts that have not used content services for a certain period of time, which is separately notified in the operating policy. However, the Company must notify the Member 30 days before deletion.
In the event that the use of the Service is restricted, or the agreement is terminated pursuant to this Article, the following shall be communicated to the Member in advance. However, if it is necessary to take urgent action, it may be communicated later. 
1.Reason for the restriction on use
2.Type and duration of the restriction on use
3.How to file an appeal against the restriction on use
When the restriction on use of the Company is justified, the Company does not compensate for the damage the member suffered due to the use restriction.
Members may file an appeal against the restriction on use in accordance with this Article through the customer support. In such case, if the Company admits that the objection is justified, the Company will resume use of the Service immediately.

Article 19. Termination of Service Agreement
If a Member intends to terminate a service agreement, he/she may at any time submit a request to unsubscribe to Account Management or customer center according to the procedures set by the Company. In case of unsubscribing, the processing of personal information is subject to the Company’s Privacy Policy.
If a Member leaves STEAM or a Member’s account is deleted from STEAM, this contract is automatically terminated. And, the Company may restrict the use of the Service and request corrective actions in the event of any of the following. If it is not corrected within a reasonable period despite the request for corrective action, or if the same violation is repeated more than once, the service agreement may be terminated. 
1.In the case of Member Obligations set forth in Article 10 of this Term and reason for Restriction on Use set forth in Article 19
2.In case of violation of related laws, such as providing illegal programs in violation of copyright law or interfering with operation, illegal communication or hacking violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., deployment of malicious programs, or exceeding access rights
3.In case of committing or attempting acts that interfere with the smooth progress of the services provided by the Company
4.Other cases where there are reasons like those listed above such that this agreement cannot be maintained
The Company may destroy the personal information of an Account without service use for more than one(1) year, and terminate the service agreement or manage the personal information of the account separately from that of other Members, and restrict the use of the Service in order to protect the personal information of the Member and to prevent account theft.
Upon termination, all benefits acquired by using the Service will be terminated and the Company will not compensate for them.
In case of termination of the service agreement pursuant to this Article, the Company shall notify the Member in the manner pursuant to Article 21.
When the termination of the service agreement is completed, all information will be deleted, except for the information that the Company must retain in accordance with the related laws and its Privacy Policy.

Article 20. Notification to Members
The Company may notify its Members via an email address which they provide, messages in the Service, text messages (LMS/SMS), etc. unless there is a separate regulation in this Terms.
In case of notification to all Members, the Company may substitute for the notification in the preceding Paragraph by publishing on a board in the Service for seven (7) days or more.

Article 21. Payment, etc.
The price of paid content shall be the price displayed in the store on the service. However, the estimated payment amount at the moment of purchase and the actual payment amount may differ due to the exchange rate and the fee at the time of payment.
Members shall pay the payment amount in accordance with the policies and methods set by the partners such as Valve Corporation.
Payment methods and limits may be adjusted according to the Company and Partner policies and government policies.
If the Company has overpaid payment related to paid content service, the Company must refund the full amount of overpaid payment in the same way as the payment of the usage price. However, if the refund is not possible in the same way, the Company shall notify it in advance.
If the Company has overpaid due to the Company’s responsible reason, the Company refunds the full overpaid amount regardless of contract cost or commission. However, if the Member is responsible for the overpayment, the Member must bear the cost of refunding the overpayment within a reasonable range.
For Members who have paid through platform operators such as STEAM, mobile games or open market operators, refunds of paid content services and overpayments will be made according to the refund policy of the platform operator or open market operator.

Article 22. Game Cash Charge and Use
Paid Cash can be Charged within the payment methods and limits that the Company has previously announced. Free cash can be obtained through in-game event compensation, free payment, content, and coupon input. The use of paid cash follows the first-in-first-out method in which the paid cash charged first runs out. And if you have paid cash and free cash, paid cash is used first.
Paid Cash will be Charged simultaneously at the time or purchase and that the Company will not refund any transaction in cash.
Interest revenues for unused Game Cash do not occur.
The Company may not approve the Paid Cash Charging application or cancel the approval afterwards if the Company determines that it is impossible to approve payment for Charging the Paid Cash due to reasons attributable to the Member or if:
1.The payment of the fee cannot be completed normally
2.A minor has applied for a Charge without the consent of a legal representative under the Civil Code
3.The payment is made by stealing the name of another person
4.Approval is deemed inappropriate due to any reason equivalent to Subparagraphs 1 through 3
The Company may reserve approval for the Game Cash Charging application of the Member if any of following reasons arise:
1.It is judged that it is difficult to provide satisfactory service due to lack of service facilities
2.A Service failure occurs
Members cannot transfer, rent or sell to other Members for the Game Cash they purchased or acquired
Members can check the Paid Cash Charge history from time to time through the Game Cash Charge history page
For Services provided in Japan, the Game Cash held by the Member is treated as a prepaid payment means, and if the Member does not use the Game Cash within 180 days from the date of purchase, it will disappear regardless of the purchase methods.

Article 23. Refund
If a Member purchases paid content using Game Cash, the Member will not be refunded for the content unless there is an irresistible technical issue.
If the contract is terminated due to Member’s reasons such as violation of current laws and conditions, refund may be limited.
If a Member lives in the EU, the Member may have certain rights by law regarding withdrawal from certain purchases made online. Please read the following for more information on exercising these rights.
1.The Charge of Game Cash does not give rise to the right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of European Directive 2011/83/EU of 25 October 2011
2.This right of withdrawal does not apply if a Member has already started downloading or streaming the content and a Member agreed that the Member would lose his/her right of withdrawal by starting the performance
3.A Member must notify the Company that he/she wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal by submitting the request with the following information either on our website at  or via email at
a.Member’s name
b.Member’s geographic address, and
c.Where available, Member’s telephone number, fax number, and email address
4.In order for the withdrawal period of 14 days to be respected, it is required that a Member must notify the Company the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of this period. In all cases, the burden of proof for this exercise rests with the Member.
5.The Company will proceed with the refund using the same method of payment that a Member used for the original transaction.
For residents of the Republic of Korea, Members can claim the legal right to apply for withdrawal of subscription for a specific online purchase. For more information on how to exercise these rights, see the following.
1.Paid content purchased by members is divided into contents that can be withdrawn and contents that cannot be withdrawn. Contents that can be withdrawn can be withdrawn within seven(7) days of purchase, and contents that fall under other reasons prescribed by other relevant statutes, such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., will be restricted from withdrawing the subscription: In the case of voluntary withdrawal of a Member, he/she shall express his/her intention to withdraw his/her subscription within the above period, apart from his/her voluntary withdrawal.
1-1. Where goods, etc. are destroyed or damaged due to reasons attributable to a Member
1-2. Where a Member uses or partially consumes goods
a.Paid content that is used or applied immediately after purchase
b.Content in which additional benefits are used or partially used for content that provides additional benefits or bundled sales content
c.Where there is an act of opening the content that can be seen as the use of the opening act or is determined to be useful at the time of opening
1-3. Where the provision of contents commences. However, this shall not apply to contracts comprised of additive content for which the provision has not commenced.
2.The Company shall take measures not to interfere with the exercise of rights, such as withdrawal of subscription, etc., which is subject to restrictions on the withdrawal of subscription pursuant to the provisions of subparagraphs 1-2 through 1-3 of the preceding paragraph, by clearly indicating such fact in the packaging of goods, etc. or in a place where Members can easily understand it, or by providing free contents to test and use. However, if a Member is unable to withdraw the subscription pursuant to subparagraph 1-3, the exercise of rights such as the withdrawal of the subscription, etc. shall not be hindered by indicating the fact that it is impossible to withdraw the subscription, etc. and by providing test-use products, etc. If the Company fails to take such measures, the Member may withdraw the subscription despite the grounds for restriction on the withdrawal of the subscription under subparagraphs 1-2 through 1-3.
3.Notwithstanding the provisions of subparagraphs 1 through 2, where the contents of the paid content service are different from the display or advertisement or implemented differently from the contents of the contract, a Member may withdraw his/her subscription within three(3) months from the date of purchase or the date on which the paid content service is available, and within thirty(30) days from the date on which he/she knew or became aware of such fact.
4.Contents that Members have not purchased directly, such as content that the Company paid to its Members (including paid, free content) and paid contents received as a gift, will be excluded from the withdrawal of the subscription.
5.If a Member who has paid through a platform operator such as STEAM or an open market operator withdraws the subscription, the Company checks the purchase details through the relevant platform operator or open market operator. The Company can also contact the Member through the information provided by the Member to verify the Member's legitimate reason for withdrawal and ask for additional evidence.
6.Where a minor Member enters into a paid service contract that requires payment, the Company shall notify that the minor himself/herself or his/her legal representative may revoke the contract without the consent of his/her legal representative, and if a minor concludes the contract without the consent of his/her legal representative, the minor himself/herself or his/her legal representative may cancel the contract. However, if a minor enters into a paid service contract with the property that the legal representative allowed him/her to dispose of, or if a minor deceives him/her to believe him/her as an adult or to believe that he/she has the consent of the legal agent, it cannot be revoked.
7.Whether the party to the service use contract is a minor is determined based on the device that has been paid, the payment executor's information, the name of the payment method, etc. In addition, the Company may request submissions of documents proving that they are minors and legal representatives to verify that they are legitimate cancellations.
8.Unless otherwise provided for in this Article, the remaining Game Cash shall be automatically extinguished if sixty(60) months have elapsed from the Game Cash charging date based on the statute of limitations of Article 64 of the Korean Commercial Act. Notwithstanding Article 22(2), where there is still a Game Cash that has not been extinguished pursuant to this issue, a refund may be requested for the remaining balance of the game cash.
If a refund is made pursuant to this Article 5, the refund is based on the same payment method used at the time of the initial purchase, and Members can apply for the conversion of paid contents purchased with paid cash to game cash as follows.
1.Fixed period product: The amount equivalent to the use of service between [the fixed number of hours of use (unit: time)* hourly fee] or [the number of days of use* daily fee] is deducted and converted to Game Cash. (However, conversion is not applied for paid content purchased with free cash.)
2.Additional services: Once purchased and applied, due to the nature of the product that runs out of utility, it is converted to game cash only when additional services are not used.
3.Other paid contents such as game items: It is converted to game cash only when the subscription can be withdrawn
If a refund is made pursuant to this Article 6, a 10% refund fee (if the balance is less than 10,000 won) will be deducted from the Game Cash balance and the remaining amount will be refunded. However, if the cash balance is less than 1,000 won, refund is not possible. However, in the case of payment method requiring payment confirmation (e.g. mobile phone payment, etc.), refund shall be made within three business days from the date of receipt confirmation. However, if there is a cause attributable to the Company, the refund fee will not be deducted.
In the case of serious illegal acts against various statutes, such as the Resident Registration Act, the Copyright Act, the Computer Program Protection Act, the Game Industry Promotion Act, and the Information and Communication Network Act, or the use of a Member's account and ID, which is deemed to have a serious adverse effect on the operation of the game, such as fraud in the game, repeated abuse of bugs, and impersonation of the operator, is restricted, or if the contract with the Member is terminated, the Company may not refund the user fee. However, this is not the case when a Member explains that he/she has not committed a serious illegal act or a serious adverse effect on the operation of the game.

Article 24. Limitations of Damages and Liability
Both the Company the Members are liable for any damages to the other party in violation of this Terms of Use. However, this shall not apply if there is no intention or negligence of the actor.
If the Company receives a claim for damages or a lawsuit, including a lawsuit, from a third party other than the relevant Member, due to an illegal act committed by a Member in using the service or an act of violating this clause, the Member shall exempt the Company at his/her own responsibility and expenses, and if the Company is not exempted, the Member shall compensate the Company for the damage caused by the Member. However, the Company is responsible for damages which the Company causes.
The Company is not liable for any damages incurred in relation to Services provided for free, except in cases of damages caused by intentional or gross negligence of the Company.
If the Company brokers the services provided by other operators, the obligations and responsibilities associated with the service are to the individual service providers, and the Company does not take responsibility in principle for the damages caused by them. However, the Company may bear responsibility under the relevant laws and regulations.
The damage caused by the Partners shall be governed in accordance with the terms of the partners, and it shall be the principle to resolve any disputes between the Partners and the Members accordingly.
The Company is not obliged to intervene in a dispute between users or between users and third parties through Service and is not responsible for damages caused by it.
The Company may limit service hours for each Service or Member in accordance with relevant statutes, government policies, etc., and shall not be liable for such restrictions.
If Members are unable to use all or some of the Content because of changes to devices, changes to mobile numbers, changes to operating system (OS) versions, overseas roaming, and carrier changes, the Company is not responsible for this. However, this shall not apply in cases of intentional or gross negligence of the Company.
If a Member deletes the content or account information provided by the Company, the Company is not liable for such information. However, this shall not apply in cases of intentional or gross negligence of the Company.
The Company shall not be liable for any damages to the Member caused by any of the following reasons, if the Company proves that it has taken the necessary precaution as administrator to prevent the loss of the Member.
1.In case of force majeure such as a war, an incident, natural disasters, technical defects that cannot be solved by current technology, or a national emergency
2.In case of compliance with government agencies' actual or legal administrative disposition and orders
3.In case of the service failure of a telecommunication service provider, including a common telecommunications business operator under the Telecommunications Business Act
4.In case of the service is suspended or a failure occurs due to unavoidable reasons, such as repairing, replacing, regular inspection, construction, etc. of previously announced service facilities
5.In case of service failure due to fault of the outsourcing system that cannot be managed by the Company or cause of Member's fault
6.In case of problems caused by Members' computer environments or problems caused by network environments
7.In case of problems such as information, data, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted or transmitted by Members or third parties within or on the Service or on the website.
8.In case of problems that occur due to the failure or loss of the result of the character, experience value, item, etc. that the Member expects to use the contents service such as the game, or the selection of the contents service such as the game
9.Losses of grades, items, contents, etc. acquired by Members using the service (excluding those purchased directly through the Company)
10.In case of failure or error of an in-service trading system, deposit and withdrawal system, or mainnet network
11.In case of a stopping service, disabled use or contract termination  caused by the fault of the Member
12.In case of damages caused by intention or negligence of the Member
The required administrator’s precautions as outlined in Paragraph 3 of this Article include the following where there is no intentional or gross negligence of the Company:
1.Appointing and managing Chief Information Officer
2.Training session on Information Security
3.Protection measures in computer room (place where computer equipment, communication and security equipment are installed, which is essential or contains important information for the Company’s essential business, digital asset transaction), facilities in the building where the computer room is located, information protection system (equipment and programs for protecting information from information leakage, forgery, corruption, or otherwise interfering with the normal service of an information processing system), and information processing system (hardware, software and related equipment used in the information technology sector, including digital asset transactions)
4.Establishing information security incident response plan

Article 25. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The laws of the Republic of Korea shall govern this Terms of Use, the Service provided by the Company, and disputes between the Company and the Member.
If any dispute arises in connection with this Terms of Use or the Services provided by the Company between the Company and the Members, the Company shall negotiate in good faith to resolve the dispute. Nevertheless, if not resolved, the dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the Civil Procedure Act in the Republic of Korea.
For EU users, in the event of a dispute relating to the interpretation, the performance or the validity of the Agreement, an amicable solution can be sought before any legal action. You can file your complaint by sending a message via email to In case of failure, you can, within one year of the failed request, have recourse to an Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure by filing an online complaint on the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution website:
California residents may send a message to or send a letter to 400 “R” Street, Sacramento, California 95814 (the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the Department of Consumer Affairs) or contact the Company by phone at 1-916-445-1254 / 1-800-952-5210 if they have a complaint.