[ Battle ] Daily Boss

 1  Daily Bosses

◆ Daily Bosses are Boss monsters that you can encounter on each weekday of a week.

◆ Each Daily Boss is set to drop different gears' Blueprints with the exception of Ymir who drops random Blueprints.

 2  Daily Bosses

◆ You can challenge a different Daily Boss each day of a week by following [Boss] > [Daily Boss].

◆ [Daily Boss] menu unlocks once you clear Chapter 2 in Story Mode.

◆ Daily Bosses will reset every day, your record from the previous day will be reset.

 3  Challenging a Daily Boss

◆ All Daily Bosses have 6 levels of difficulty.

◆ Higher the difficulty, higher the gears' Blueprints.

◆ Daily Boss respawns several times throughout the day. You can instantly respawn the same Daily Boss using Diamonds.

 4  Daily Boss Battles

◆ Energy does not regenerate in Daily Boss battles. Make sure to use your energy wisely.

◆ Defeat a Daily Boss by zeroing out its HP.

    Upon failure, any remaining Daily Boss's HP will get transferred onto your next trial without reset until you win, or a different Daily Boss is spawned.

◆ Each Daily Boss has different attack patterns. You can take advantage of the patterns by deploying Heroes strategically.

◆ You spend Supplies when participating in Daily Boss battles. Make sure to manage your stock of Supplies.