[ PVP ] Arena

 1  Arena

◆ Test your Heroes' worth in the everlasting Arena battles.

◆ Acquire Gold through Arena battles, as well as Diamonds through Weekly Ranking rewards.

 2  Weekly Rewards

◆ Arena Ranking is calculated based on the amount of Arena Points earned. You can earn or lose points according to your Arena Battle results.

◆ Diamond rewards will be sent to the participants according to their ranking at 5 am every Monday.

◆ Participants will also receive bonus rewards according to their participation and winning streak.

◆ All Arena participants will receive Diamonds as a weekly reward, according to their Weekly Ranking.

 3  Entering the Arena

◆ Enter the Arena by tapping [Arena] button from [PVP] menu in Town or Story Mode.

◆ View your Arena Points from the Arena menu. You can also check out your weekly ranking as well as global/friend rankings.

◆ Finding an opponent will cost you 1 Arena entry. You can match an opponent by tapping the [Search] button.

 4  Arena Only Party

◆ You can customize a separate party for your Arena battles.

◆ Customize your Arena party by strategically selecting your Heroes.

◆ Tap [Auto Set] button to automatically customize your Arena party.

 5  Getting Ready

◆ Tap [Search] button to find an opponent of similar ranking.

◆ You may change your opponent by tapping [Search Again] button.

◆ If you tap on [Abandon Battle] button, the battle will be counted as a loss.

    Tap on [Battle] button to match again.

 6  Arena Battle

◆ Since the Arena is built to test the pure strength of your Heroes, you won't be able to control your Heroes.

◆ In every Arena matchup, the number and class of Heroes to fight are drawn at random.

◆ Defeat all enemy Heroes to win the battle.

◆ Acquire Arena Points by winning battles. You can also earn extra points by maintaining your winning streak.