[ PVP ] Stronghold

 1  Strongholds

◆ The Stronghold Battle is a siege battle where you and your Heroes' skills are tested.

◆ You can acquire Honor Points from Stronghold Battles to purchase valuable items from the Magic Shop.

 2  Stronghold Ranks

◆ There is a ranking system in Stronghold Battles. Win Stronghold Battles to acquire Honor Points and to improve your rank.

◆ A total of 8 Stronghold Ranks are available. Earn points to climb up the ladder.

◆ Stronghold Season ends on the 1st of every month. Receive Honor Point rewards based on your Stronghold ranking.

◆ Stronghold Battle participants will receive Honor Points, based on their ranking at the end of the Stronghold Season.

 3  Using Honor Points

◆ Acquire Honor Points through Stronghold Battles. Note that you can also obtain Honor Points by gaining Account level.

◆ Honor Points can be used to purchase rare items from Magic Shop.

◆ Gathering Honor Points will grant you rare Heroes and gear.

 4  Defense Towers

◆ Defending your Stronghold is just as important as attacking others'. Make sure to augment your fortifications.

◆ If your Stronghold fails to fend off other player's attack, you will lose Honor Points.

◆ Both Archer and Cannon Towers can be Upgraded. The maximum level of both towers is determined by your account level.

 5  Defense Units

◆ Your towers have Energy, the amount of which is determined by the tower's level.

    Energy limits the number of Heroes that can be allocated to a Defense Unit.

◆ Placing Heroes in any of the Towers will cost you Energy.

    Note that only one Hero of the same class and series can be designated to a Defense Unit at a given time.

◆ Tap and hold on a Hero, drag them to change their deployment order.

 6  Stronghold Battles

◆ Tap on [Stronghold] button in [PVP] menu from the Town or Story Mode to enter your Stronghold.

    Tap on the [Search] button to find an opponent.

◆ After finding a player of a similar Stronghold ranking, you will be moved to the opponent's Stronghold.
◆ Searching for opponents will cost you Stronghold Flags. Flags restock every 6 hours.

 7  Attack Unit

◆ Tap [Ready] button to manage your Attack Unit.

◆ The number of Heroes you can select is limited by your total energy, which is determined by your Account level.

◆ Heroes of the same class and series cannot be selected simultaneously.

    Your attack unit will be deployed randomly during the battle.

 8  Engaging Stronghold Battles

◆ Once the Stronghold Battle starts, five Heroes will be queued up automatically in your deployment slots.

◆ Your deployment slots will be automatically filled out every time a Hero gets deployed into battle.

◆ You can always tap directly on one of the Heroes from the pre-loaded slots to change the deployment order.

    In Stronghold Battles, Deployment Time will be the same for all Heroes.

 9  Stronghold Battles

◆ Enemy Heroes will be deployed from the Archer and Cannon Tower following your opponent's pre-set order.

◆ Once the enemy Archer Tower is destroyed, your Tank will advance forward.

    Then, enemy units from their Cannon Tower will be deployed.

◆ Destroy both enemy towers to seize the opponent's Stronghold.

    If your Tank gets destroyed, you will lose the battle.