[ PVP ] Tank War

 1  Tank War

◆ Tank War is a new PVP system where you command two Hero parties and a Protector in ranking battle.

◆ You can win trophies from Tank War, and use it to purchase Runes from the Magic Shop.

 2  Tank War Tiers

◆ There is a Tier system in Tank War. Win the Battles to acquire Trophies and Tier Points.

◆ You will be promoted or demoted through total 8 Tiers depending on the Tier Points earned.

◆ Each Tier is divided into 5 Classes. You will get rewards upon reaching each Class for the first time.

 3  Battle Task

◆ There are various Battle Tasks in Tank War, and you will be given 3 random Tasks every day.

◆ Upon completing all 3 Battle Tasks, you will receive additional rewards.

◆ Rewards for Battle Tasks will vary depending on your Tank War Tier. Get better rewards for higher Tiers!

 4  Trophy

◆ You can win Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies through Tank War battles. 

◆ Trophies can be used to purchase Runes from Magic Shop.

◆ Runes are essential for maximizing your Hero's skills. All the more reason to win Trophies from Tank War!

 5  Tank War Parties

◆ To participate in Tank War battles, you must have two customized Parties composed of a Tank and 7 Heroes.

◆ Select a Protector for the two Parties. When Party1 Tank is destroyed, your Protector will automatically be summoned.

◆ Tap [Auto Set] button to automatically customize your Tank War party with your strongest Heroes.

 6  Entering Tank War

◆ Enter the Tank War battle by tapping [PVP] and [Tank War] button in order.

◆ Check out your Record, Battle Task, Rank, and Rewards from the Tank War menu.

◆ Tap the [Search] button to be automatically matched with an opponent. Finding an opponent will cost you 1 entry.

 7  Starting Tank War Battle

◆ When the battle starts, Party1 will automatically be queued.

◆ Opponent AI will deploy Heroes and use Tank skills according to battle status.

◆ Tactically deploy your Heroes to overcome obstacles and win the battle!

 8  Tank War Battles

When Party1 Tank is destroyed, your Protector and Party2 Tank will automatically be deployed.

◆ Once Party2 joins the battle, you can no longer deploy Heroes from Party1.

◆ Win the battle by destroying the opponent's Party2 Tank. You will be rewarded with Trophies and Tier Points!