[ Ranking ] World Boss

 1  World Bosses

◆ The World Boss, Nidhogg, is a dragon that consumes dead bodies at the root of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life.

◆ You can obtain Gold and also Diamonds according to your weekly ranking from World Boss Raids.

 2  Weekly Rewards

◆ Your World Boss Raid Points will be determined according to your damage dealt.

    Your ranking will be calculated from your accumulated Raid Points. 

◆ You can also obtain Gold Bonuses depending on your World Boss Raid participation.

◆ All World Boss Raid participants will receive Diamonds according to their weekly ranking.

 3  World Bosses

◆ Tap [Boss] button to locate the World Boss menu.

◆ [World Boss] menu unlocks once you clear Story Mode, stage 2-10.

    In this menu, you can view your ranking and accumulated Raid Points.

◆ You can participate in 3 World Boss Raids every day.

    The number of remaining available entries are displayed in [World Boss] menu.

 4  Getting Ready

◆ View your World Boss Raid Points and Ranking in the World Boss menu.

    You can also check the global/friend rankings from this menu.

◆ Tapping [Boss Info] button will reveal more information about the World Boss, Nidhogg.

◆ Tapping [Battle] button from the World Boss preparation screen will cost you 1 Raid entry.

 5  World Boss Raid

◆ In World Boss Raids, your energy will not regenerate.

    Make sure to spend your energy strategically when deploying your units.

◆ The World Boss, Nidhogg is impossible to defeat alone.

    Fight with other players to defeat it.

◆ Nidhogg periodically unleashes Mega Breath, a devastating skill.

    Don't forget to Upgrade your Tank to survive more Mega Breaths.

◆ You will earn World Boss Raid Points according to the amount of damage dealt.

    Receive more Gold by improving your damage.