[ Ranking ] Prison of Abyss

 1  Prison of Abyss

◆ Prison of Abyss was built to imprison captured enemies from the Great War with Undead. Tap [Dungeon] button to enter.

◆ Enemies imprisoned here constantly try to jailbreak. Form Expedition with Alliance and stop them.

◆ In Prison of Abyss, you can receive the reward from every floor you clear. Rewards vary according to Ranking.

 2  Prison of Abyss

◆ Prison of Abyss consists of 3 difficulties: [Normal], [Hard], [Hell]. Each difficulty has 50F basements.

◆ There's no entry restriction for any difficulty, and you can receive the reward for each floor.

 3  Prison of Abyss Season

◆ Prison of Abyss runs by season, shifting to next season every 7 days.

◆ Once a season ends, all info gets reset. Then you will be able to play and receive the reward again.

◆ The season point is recorded by adding up the points from each floor cleared by difficulty.

    Once a season ends, the point resets to 0.

 4  Expedition Management

◆ Click on [Challenge Ready] in Prison of Abyss to check participants for Expedition.

◆ The expedition is composed of 8 classes including Protector, and each class is able to bring 5 members to the expedition.

◆ Click on [Expedition Setting] to add or change members, and set up entry order.

◆ In Prison of Abyss, same hero can be used only twice, and deployed ones cannot be used again.

 5  Prison of Abyss Entry

◆ Click on [Ready] in Expedition Info to use either [Practice] or [Challenge] to start a battle.

◆ If you select [Practice], a battle starts from the next floor which you last cleared in the selected difficulty without consuming any entry.

◆ If you select [Challenge], a battle starts from the next floor which you last cleared in the selected difficulty but it consumes 1 entry.

◆ Because Prison of Abyss Entry is provided only once a day, test out your strategy in Practice Mode before you play Challenge Mode.

 6  Prison of Abyss Battle

◆ The fixed number of heroes and protectors can be deployed in order, and the same hero cannot be deployed twice.

◆ For example, if all warriors in first-order are deployed, the hero icon will be filled with the warriors in the second order.

    Once all warriors are used, no warriors can be deployed.

◆ Click on [Magnifying Glass] to check leftover heroes from Expedition Status during battle.

◆ The tank will be replaced with Prison of Abyss's Statue, which is unable to attack at all.

 7  Prison of Abyss Victory

◆ If you win in Challenge, you earn a given point + bonus according to leftover time. You will also receive reward for clearing.

◆ Game on the next floor will automatically start after claiming the reward, and Hero/Protector who fought on the previous floor will be unavailable.

◆ After you clear the final floor, you won't be able to challenge the current difficulty until the season ends.