[ Hero ] Level Up

 1  Leveling Up

◆ Level Up your Heroes through Story Mode and Sanctuary Battles. Remember that you can always use Elixirs to level up faster.

◆ Using Elixirs is the fastest way to level up your Heroes.

 2  Peculiar Elixirs

◆ Unlike common Elixirs, Peculiar Elixirs can only be used on a defined Rank of Heroes.

◆ For example, 3★ Elixirs can only be used on 3★ Heroes.

◆ Peculiar Elixirs are rarer than common Elixirs, but guarantee a lot more XP.

 3  How to Level Up

◆ Once you select your Elixirs, the expected XP gain will be displayed.

◆ You can select up to 10 Elixirs at a time. Tap on [Level Up] button to consume all the selected Elixirs at once.

◆ Remember that leveling up a Hero of a higher Rank will require more Gold.