[ Hero ] Upgrade

 1  Upgrading Heroes

◆ Improve your Heroes by Upgrading them. You can Upgrade your Heroes to greatly increase their stats.

◆ All your Heroes can be Upgraded up to level 5. Remember, you can't sacrifice Heroes assigned to your Party.

 2  Sacrificing your Heroes

◆ You need to sacrifice other Heroes to Upgrade a Hero.

    The ★ of the sacrificed Hero or Hero Token must be identical or lower than the Hero to be Upgraded.

◆ Note that Upgrades can fail consuming the sacrifices in vain.

    You can improve your success rate by sacrificing more and better Heroes or Hero Tokens.

◆ Sacrificing a Hero or Hero Token of the same rank as the Hero being Upgraded guarantees a 100% success rate. 

 3  How to Upgrade

◆ For each Hero Upgrade, up to 5 Heroes or Hero Tokens can be sacrificed.

    Add more and better Heroes or Tokens to improve your odds.

◆ Select the Heroes to sacrifice and tap on [Upgrade] button.

◆ Every time your Hero Upgrade fails, a bonus success rate will get stacked.

    The stacked bonus rates will not be reset until your next Upgrade's success.