[ Hero ] Rank Up

 1  Ranking Up Heroes

◆ Ranking Up will change the appearance and stats of your Heroes.

◆ Ranking Up will greatly improve your Hero's stats, but will reset your Hero's level and Upgrade level.

 2  Ranking Up Conditions

◆ To Rank Up, your Hero must have achieved Level 30 and Upgrade Level 5.

    Also, Heroes or Hero Tokens of the same rank must be sacrificed.

◆ The required number of Heroes or Hero Tokens you must sacrifice depends on the Rank of the Hero you wish to Rank Up.

    (A 3★ Hero requires three 3★ Heroes or Tokens)

◆ All Heroes can be Ranked Up to 6★. Please note that Hero Rank Up always succeeds.

 3  How to Rank Up

◆ If you select Heroes and Tokens to sacrifice from the Hero Rank Up screen, [Rank Up] button will become active.

◆ Please note that Hero Rank Up will consume Gold. The amount of Gold required is shown on the screen.

◆ Ranking Up will change your Hero's appearance and stats. Your Hero's level and Upgrade level will be reset.