[ Hero ] Mastery

 1  Hero Mastery

◆ A Hero that has reached 6★, 30 Level, and +5 Upgrades can still get stronger through Hero Mastery.

◆ You can master a hero up to level 20. On every master, the hero's level cap is unlocked and then reward can be claimed.

 2  Hero Mastery Requirements

◆ To master a hero, you require a right sacrificial hero of 5★ or higher.

◆ A Mastery will unlock the Hero's Level cap by 2 Levels - the 1st Mastery from 30 to 32.

◆ Mastery level 2 to 10 can be reached by raising the level to the extended max mastery level and then sacrificing the right hero of 5★ or higher.

◆ Even without any identical hero to sacrifice, you can still master them with Mastery Stone or Almighty Mastery Stone of the same rank.

 3  How to Master a Hero

◆ Once a Hero reaches 6★, 30 Level, and +5 Upgrades, [Rank Up] button will turn into [Master].

◆ If you select the right sacrificial hero of 5★ or higher, or Mastery Stone, [Mastery] button will become active.

◆ A Hero, upon Mastering, will level up a Mastery level, and its Level cap will unlock by 2 Levels.

 4  The reward for Hero Mastery

◆ When you master a hero, rewards per hero are sent to your Mailbox.

◆ You can get the Mastery Shard to master gear when using the right sacrificial hero of 5★ for mastery.

◆ You can get the Borr Gears to acquire a random part of gear when using the right sacrificial hero of 6★ or Mastery Stone.

◆ Whenever the mastery level goes up +5, the Max Upgrade expands to +5.

    For example, a hero reaches the mastery level of 5, the Max Upgrade goes from +5 to +10.