[ Hero ] Awakening

 1  Hero Awakening

◆ Whenever a hero advances a mastery level, awakening stones can be used to draw out the potential that hero has. 

◆ A hero's awakening level can be up to 10 levels, each level provides new power to the hero.

 2  Converting into Awakening Stone

◆ To awaken a hero, <Awakening Stone> is needed.

◆ <Awakening Stone> can be acquired through [Convert].

◆ Select [Convert] after selecting a hero whom you want to convert into Awakening Stone.

    The number of Stones you can acquire depends on the rank of the hero.

 3  Awakening Hero

◆ Awakening level a hero can reach depends on the mastery level of a hero.

◆ For example, a hero with mastery level of 3 can unlock up to awakening level 3,

    and the hero must reach mastery level of 4 in order to unlock awakening level 4.

◆ Hero will acquire fixed stats per awakening level, and each heroes acquire different set and value of stats upon awakening.