[ Hero ] Shrine

 1  Shrine

◆ The Shrine is a sacred place where you can use Hero Shards to summon Heroes.

◆ You can summon the same Hero multiple times, as long as you have sufficient Shards.

 2  Hero Shards

◆ Sanctuary mode is the fastest way to gather Hero Shards. Clear the floors of a temple that gives out Hero Shards you need.

◆ Visit Magician Andvari in the Town of Midgard to purchase Hero Shard Chests with Honor Points.

◆ You can also acquire Hero Shards from various ingame rewards.

 3  Summoning Heroes

◆ You can view the full range of Hero Series and the Shards you own for each Hero at the [Shrine].

◆ Toggle [Show Owned] button at the bottom right corner of the Shrine to display only the Shards you own.

◆ Tap [Can be acquired from] button to display where you can acquire Shards of that Hero.