[ Hero ] Limit Breakthrough

 1  Limit Breakthrough

◆ When Hero Mastery reaches level 20, the Enhance menu changes to Breaking Hero Limit.

◆ You can break the limit up to 10 times. If you break the limit, the hero's level will be 1.

    Instead, the hero's maximum level is increased by 1.

 2  Crystal of Birth

◆ Crystal of Birth is required for the progression of Breaking Hero Limit.

◆ Depending on the level of each Breaking Hero Limit, the amount required for Crystal of Birth will vary.

◆ Crystal of Birth can be obtained from various events and stores.

 3  How to Break Hero Limit

◆ When the Hero's Mastered and level are maximized, the menu of Breaking Hero Limit is activated.

◆ From the Hero's Mastered menu, It is possible to break through the limits of the chosen hero.