[ Gear ] Crafting

 1  Crafting Gear

◆ You will need stronger Gears as you advance through the Chapters of the Story Mode.

◆ While most low-end Gears can be looted from clearing stages, Gears of Rank 3★ or higher will need crafting.

◆ Craft better Gear. Equip them on your favorite Heroes for better results in battle.

 2  Crafting Requirements

◆ You need three types of material to Craft a Gear: Crafting Hammers, Blueprints, and Class Essences.

◆ You can acquire Crafting Hammers in the Story Mode.

◆ Blueprints can be acquired from Daily Boss battles. The Symbol on each of the Blueprints indicates the type of Gear you can create.

◆ Class Essences can be acquired from specific stages of the Story Mode.

 3  Blacksmith Brokk

◆ Talk to Blacksmith Brokk in the Town of Midgard to enter the Forge.

◆ Brokk is a legendary blacksmith who created Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

    Rescue him from stage 3-1 of the Story Mode to unlock Gear Crafting.

◆ Once you have gathered sufficient crafting materials, [Craft Now] icon will be displayed on the screen.

 4  Crafting Gear

◆ A list of all craftable Gear is shown at the Forge. Choose the Class, Rank, and Type of Gear you wish to craft.

◆ The list is organized by the Class and Type of the Gear. Tap on the Gear you wish to craft to check its requirements.

◆ Tap on the [Craft] button to begin crafting. The cost depends on the Rank of the Gear you wish to Craft.

 5  Material Storage

◆ A list of all Crafting Materials you own can be accessed from your Material Storage.

◆ Tap [Material Storage] button in the Forge to open your Material Storage.