[ Gear ] Mastery

 1  Gear Mastery

◆ A gear that has reached 6★ and +5 can still get stronger through Mastery.

◆ You can master a gear up to tier 3 and Gear ability expands largely every mastery level.

 2  Gear Mastery Requirements

◆ You need to upgrade the gear up to +5 level to master a 6★ gear.

◆ The set amount of Mastery Shards is required to master the gear.

 3  Gear Extraction

◆ You can get the required Mastery Shards by extracting gear.

◆ You can tap [Extract] button to open [Gear Extract] window for extracting multiple gears,

    where you can select the gear and then extract Mastery Shards.

◆ No additional cost is needed for Gear extraction and the amount of Mastery Shards depends on the gear level.

 4  How to Master Gear

◆ If you upgrade 6★ or Master gear up to 5+ level, [Gear Upgrade] button changes to [Gear Master].

◆ You can tap [Master Gear] button to consume the set amount of shards and gold to succeed the mastery with 100 chance. 

◆ The ability of mastered gear greatly increases and the upgrade level is reset from +5 to +0.