[ Rune ]

 1  Rune

◆ Runes are magical slates imbued with mystic powers.

◆ Unlike Gear, you can imbue various Elements on Runes. Customize your Heroes with diverse Runes!

◆ Use Trophies won from the Tank War to buy Runes from the Magic Shop.

 2  Types of Runes

◆ There are 3 types of Runes. [Rune of Destruction], [Rune of Protection], and [Rune of Divinity].

◆ Each type is divided into 6 ranks.[Normal],[Uncommon], [Special], [Rare], [Champion], and [Legendary].

 3  Engraving Runes

◆ All Heroes have 6 Rune slots to engrave Runes with. Each Rune can only be engraved on specific Hero classes.

◆ When a Rune is replaced, the pre-engraved Rune will be lost. To keep both Runes, first remove the engraved Rune before replacing it.

◆ Golds are required to remove an engraved Rune. Be extra cautious when engraving a Rune.

 4  Main Element

◆ All Runes have one main Element randomly imbued upon them when acquired.

◆ Each Rune will be imbued with bonus stats relevent to its type.

    [Rune of Destruction] with bonus to Damage, [Rune of Protection] with bonus to defense, and [Rune of Divinity] with other stats. 

 5  Sub Elements

◆ You can Imbue sub Elements to Runes using Hero Shards.

◆ Up to 4 sub Elements can be imbued to each Rune. Additional Element slots will open upon Rune Upgrade.

◆ Tap the [Element] button to imbue or change sub Elements of your Rune.

 6  Imbuing Sub Elements

◆ Use Hero Shards to imbue sub Elements to Runes. Different sub Elements can be imbued depending on the Hero Shard used.

◆ From the list of sub Elements, a random Element with random value will be imbued to your Rune.

◆ You can replace previously imbued sub Element or value with new ones from [Element].

 7  Rune Upgrade

◆ Improve your main Element or open sub Element slots by Upgrading Runes.

◆ Runes can be Upgraded up to level 5. Additional sub Element slots will open upon level 1, 3, and 5 Upgrades.

 8  Sacrificing Runes

◆ To Upgrade a Rune, you need to Sacrifice identical or lower grade Runes than the Rune being Upgraded.

    To complete the Upgrade, you also need Hero Essence and Brokk's Hammer.

◆ Sacrificing a Rune of the same rank guarantees a 100% success rate.

 9  Rune Upgrade

◆ Select the Rune you wish to Upgrade and tap [Upgrade] button to view Runes that can be sacrificed.

◆ For each Rune Upgrade, you can sacrifice up to 5 materials. Add more and better Runes to improve your odds.

◆ Every time your Rune Upgrade fails, a bonus success rate will get stacked.

    The stacked bonus rates will not be reset until your next Upgrade's success.