[ Tank ]

 1  Tanks

◆ Tanks play a significant role in battles by deploying Heroes and assisting them with special attacks and skills.

◆ Don't forget to Upgrade your Tank as you progress through the game. You will need it to face stronger foes.

 2  Acquiring Tanks

◆ Every Tank possesses unique attacks and skills.

◆ Unlock Tanks by completing a Hero series.

◆ Every time you unlock a new Tank, don't forget to claim a special reward from the Hero tab of the Collection screen.

 3  Upgrading Tanks

◆ Tap [Upgrade Tank] button from [Tank] screen to access the Tank Upgrade screen.

◆ Each Upgrade will increase the overall stats of your Tank, but will cost Gold.

◆ Gain Account Levels to raise the maximum Upgrade Level of your Tanks.

 4  Enhancing Tank Skills

◆ Each Tank possesses unique set of skills.

◆ Tap [Tank Skills] button to display a list of available skills.

◆ For every five Tank levels, one Tank Skill level is unlocked.

    Remember that Tank Skill Upgrades cost you Gold.